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Steve Jobs has passed away yesterday

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Yesterday, the world lost a great visionary. And that Visionary was Steve Jobs.

Starting with the humble beginning of making and selling computers for then start up Apple Computers out of a garage. To later buying The Graphics Group from Lucas Films. And turning it into the world renowned Pixar Animation Studios. To his return as CEO of Apple in 1998.

It’s not hard to see what legacies he has left behind. The man was a true visionary, and it shows in his accomplishments. He was not one that was afraid to take chances. Even if they took years to finally succeed for him. (A great example of this would be Pixar.)

I regret that I have never had the chance to meet, or hear Mr. Jobs in person. But I thank him for what he has done.

With all that said in regards of Mr. Jobs. So long, and thanks for all the fish Steve Jobs. You will be missed dearly.

Source: Apple, Wikipedia


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Steve Jobs back on the Job at Apple

Yep, Steve Jobs is officaly back to work at Apple after his 6-month medical leave.  Apple has said today:

“Steve Jobs is back to work. He is at Apple a few days a week and working from home the other days,” Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said. “We’re glad to have him back.”

Jobs went on medical leave back in December of last year. So he could better focous on his health.  And underwent a liver transplant surgery back in April.

I’m personaly glad to hear that Steve Jobs is ok and back on the job. Now maybe Jobs can get working on the rumored Apple Tablet thats been swirling around the web.


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