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Holograms was used LIVE on CNN tonight

You heard me right. The major News giant CNN used a Hologram LIVE on the air. They did a report LIVE from New York to Chicago via Hologram. The person that was the hologram was CNN’s Jessica Yellin. Not much was said on how the setup worked. But it involves 35 Hi-Def cameras that were ringing around her at different angles. And the cameras in New York tell the cameras in Chicago where they are pointing. Telling the cameras in Chicago where to move. Therefore transmitting what appears to be a whole body. Not much else was said on how the set up worked. CNN’s Jessica Yellin said that this is the first time this technology has been used on Live television. 

A video of the the Hologram on CNN has been posted on youtube. The Video can be seen below


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Say Hello to the new DSi

Nintendo has just announced a new DS today called the DSi as part of the DS line. As some have expected, they dropped the GBA slot. They gave it better sounding speakers. It’s a tad bit smaller than the DS Lite in size since they dropped the GBA slot. Continue reading

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Homepage Overhaul

I though it was time to change the way the Homepage looked. Because lately, peope have been complaining on the old colors and look. So now the site looks way much more like a tech site. 

More updates to come soon.

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