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New Knight Rider Encore Tonight!!

For those who misssed it on sunday. The new Knight Rider Encores tonight at 9/8C. So now you no excuse to say I missed it. Now, go watch it when it comes on!!!

Yes, this pic is from the movie


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Review of the New Knight Rider

Well this should be a first for the site. Our first review “YEA”!!!!

But now, Lets get down to Business shall we!!

New Knight Rider

Well first of all take a look at that logo^^^.  It’s Definitely cool looking, but it doesn’t alway mean it going to be a cool movie. Well this time it was a cool movie.

 Now Knight Rider ain’t Knight Kider with out K.I.T.T right. Well this time the chose to use a Ford Mustang GT 500 KR :

Wait, KITT is a mustang now!!

 Nuff babbling about the Minor details. Time for the nitty gritty.

For a atempt to revive intrest for Knight Rider. To me it was a very good. The movie’s plot line, soild but has lots of twist and turns with it. The way they flowed the old Knight Rider series into this move was near perfect. Which is very good due the to orignal series began and ended in the 80’s. 

 Now about the thing that been the major concern and upset to a LOT of people. KITT being Ford Mustang.  To me, I think it was a great for KITT to be a Mustang. But to alot of people, They wanted KITT to be the way he was. Or atleast be another GM car like the Corvett. Which I can totaly understand. But which car looks tougher, The Mustang of the Corvett? Me, I’d pick the mustang. But, if GM would of had the new Camero out by now. I think NBC would of chose it over the Mustang in a Heart Beat. But it wasn’t out so they had to chose the Next Best Thing Which was the Mustang.

So, what my overall rating of the movie. Well since this being our First review. We’ll just use the “0 to 5 stars” system for now. Maybe later I can come up with our own rating system. But for now, I give this movie 4 1/2 stars. Which is great for a wonderful TV Movie based of of a great 80’s TV series.

Well thats all the time we have right now. This is nightwheel of The Useless Site of Technology and i hope you enjoyed our review. See ya

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