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The future for the Wii

It’s been a few months since Nintendo has released the all new Wii U upon the world. Replacing it’s old console flagship, the Wii in the process. While it remains to be seen what the long tern future holds for the Wii U. It seems to be doing well enough at the moment.

But for now, lets focus on the Wii. Over six years ago, Nintendo released this unique console upon the world. They chose not to compete on power, but instead chose to try something innovative. For better or worse, that decision worked really well for Nintendo. But here we are now, the Wii U has been released. Thus finally making the Wii obsolete. (Although one could argue it was obsolete since day one.)

What does the future hold for the Wii now? Continue reading


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Google Chrome Review


See, Google Chrome has the same color scheme as the Google Homepage

See, Google Chrome has the same color scheme as the Google Homepage

Time for me to review Google Chrome. 


Now from just using it for a few hours. This browser is fast. And I like fast.  And the browers colors do reflect the fact that this is made my Google. And and it features are great. And work they way they should. I tryed and the browser window did not even move. That right there gains respect from me alone. And the comic google made that tells about Chrome was fun to read, yet very informative. Continue reading

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Google releases a Web Browser Today

Well today google releases a open source web browser today called Google Chrome. Which to me is big surprise. And from the looks of it. It’s a very nice browser. So far, the Windows version been released. With the Linux version and Mac OS X coming soon. 

I’ll try to have a review of the browser up either tomorrow or the ay After Tomorrow.  And right now, the download for it are not really responding. I’m guessing it’s being overloaded by the people who really want to try it.

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