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Holograms was used LIVE on CNN tonight

You heard me right. The major News giant CNN used a Hologram LIVE on the air. They did a report LIVE from New York to Chicago via Hologram. The person that was the hologram was CNN’s Jessica Yellin. Not much was said on how the setup worked. But it involves 35 Hi-Def cameras that were ringing around her at different angles. And the cameras in New York tell the cameras in Chicago where they are pointing. Telling the cameras in Chicago where to move. Therefore transmitting what appears to be a whole body. Not much else was said on how the set up worked. CNN’s Jessica Yellin said that this is the first time this technology has been used on Live television. 

A video of the the Hologram on CNN has been posted on youtube. The Video can be seen below


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Possible Dangerous candy alert!

Now don’t be fooled, I have made this site to be devoted to talking about Technology and video games.  But this issue is something that I can not ingnore.  It’s 4 days till Halloween. And most lost of people are stocking up on all kinds of candy to give out to Trick-or-treaters. But how many of you guys know that some of the candy your buying could be from China. And it could be tainted with Melamine and other Toxins. Stuff that could harm you and childern. Now I could go on and on about this, but I’ll let Mike Mozzart of Jeepers Media do the talking since he has way more info than I do. Here are the 2 video’s:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Just like Mike Mozzart is saying. I’m saying people spread the word. Contact as many people you can on this matter. We need these candys recalled and taken off the shelfs NOW. And not have them put them back on the shelfs untill every single one has been tested and deemed either safe or not safe. And remember, it’s only 4 days till Halloween. And trust me, if no action is taken. These made in china candys are going to be give to kids and other Trick-or-treaters on Halloween. So spread the word and spread it quickly!

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Movie-trailer voice-over king Don LaFontaine, has died



The face behind many voice overs

The face behind many voice overs

Most of you may not know him by his name. But you all should know him by his voice. For Years, Don LaFontaine has done the voice-overs for many of Hollywoods movie trailers and TV promos. With him gone now. Movies Trailers and TV promos will never be the same again.


He died September 1, 2008 following complications from Pneumothorax. He was 68 years old. May he Rest in Peace.

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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe offically anounced today

Well there have certainly been some buzz srounding this screenshot that showed up on the web about a week ago. It had people wonding if it was fake or real. Well Midway Games have confirmed today that Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is real. Continue reading

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Sonic Unleashed Officially Announced Today

Well after all the leaked info on this game. And legal action taken aginst some sites like Youtube and Kotaku. Sega has officialy anounced Sonic Unleashed today. And it looking pretty sweet. Continue reading

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