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The wonders of the Internet

The internet, what a strange place it can be. A 2 year old video on youtube can go from a few a few views, to thousands of views in just a few weeks. Or how a simple inactive site can go from having under 50 daily views on average. To having between 700-900 daily views in little under a week.

That whats been going on here recently…..

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Site Re-Re-Boot?

Hey again folks, it’s Nightwheel once more. It seems everythime I get it in my head I want to reboot this site. I don’t live up to what I say. Mainly since life starts to get busy. Well it seems I’m going to have a few months of nothing much to do. So I guess I have to to run this site halfway decently. Maybe a few news stories a day perhaps.

We’ll just have to see if I can keep the site going this time around.

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Site Re-Boot

Well guys, It’s about time I do a site re-boot. I’ve had enough letting this site just sit and waste away. This site has the possiblity to became quite large. I just need to get my butt into gear and make it happen. Expect some great stuff to come!

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Time to get this site rolling again.

I’ve had enough of letting this site set around doing nothing. So I’m going to do something about it.

I’ve got some updates planned for the site. Some of which I really need to do. One of the Updates may include a name change. But for now, a name change is not final.

Also, hopefully some time Around noon. I’ll give my Review of the new Star Wars movie. And Maybe find a some good new, Juicy video game or Tech news for you guys to top it all off.

And I hopefully still have extra something, something in the coming weeks you guys may like.

See you then!

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Forum is back online Finally

Sorry about the forum being off line for so long guys. I brought the Forum offline becuase I got hacked last month. And both this site and the forum was in danger. Anyways, The forum is back online so join and post away guys.

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