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The future for the Wii

It’s been a few months since Nintendo has released the all new Wii U upon the world. Replacing it’s old console flagship, the Wii in the process. While it remains to be seen what the long tern future holds for the Wii U. It seems to be doing well enough at the moment.

But for now, lets focus on the Wii. Over six years ago, Nintendo released this unique console upon the world. They chose not to compete on power, but instead chose to try something innovative. For better or worse, that decision worked really well for Nintendo. But here we are now, the Wii U has been released. Thus finally making the Wii obsolete. (Although one could argue it was obsolete since day one.)

What does the future hold for the Wii now? No doubt we are going to see some new games over the next year and a half or so. We also have that new Wii Mini, which beyond the physical size, doesn’t really make much sense why it exists. Especially since the Wii Mini is stripped of all online abilities. But putting the Wii Mini aside, having new games isn’t going to keep the Wii useful in the long run.

So what will the future be for the Wii in my opinion? I think we will see the Wii transition from being a game console, to media streaming box. Your probably wondering why I think this. Look at it this way, you have a console that has sold over 97 million units world wide. That means more than likely, someone you know owns a Wii. Another thing is that more and more households each year are starting using some sort of streaming media services like Netflix or YouTube.

Honestly, even at the start of last year. I would have though that when the Wii U dropped, the Wii would be rendered useless. Yea it would have Netflix, but how long would Netfilx support the console after the Wii U came out? Year and a half at the most maybe?

It wasn’t until Google decided to release the dedicated YouTube channel for the Wii right around the same time the Wii U came out. That I started to wonder why support the Wii this late in the game. Then today, you have Amazon announcing
 that they have released a Amazon Instant Video channel for the console. Looking at these decisions makes me think that Google and Amazon thinks there is a market they can still use, even this late in the game. 

Remember what I said about how many Wii’s have been sold? Imagine if they could tap into even a small, but sizable group of these people who have yet to use their services. That could prove very lucrative to them. Which would in turn, give them reasons to still support the console this late in the game.

Now I will say I don’t see these companies supporting the Wii for 5+ years from now. But something like 3 years from now seems like a pretty reasonable estimate. This will give time for newer consoles or streaming devices to be more commonly found in the home. Yet, it will give people something they can use to enjoy their Netflix movies and TV shows or YouTube video on their TV in the meantime.


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