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Where I, and my website stand in regards to SOPA

Greeting readers, sorry for not keeping this place up to date. I’ve been busy school and my new job. I haven’t had much time to my self recently.

But I felt I needed to give my stance on the bill H.R. 3261. Which is commonly known as SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act.

I’ve read the bill some myself, heard from others, and watched a stream of one of the earlier hearings on the bill. And I have to agree with what has been said so far about the bill.

While the bill has some good intentions. The means of which this bill purposes to deal with the issues currently. Are not only problematic, but possibly even ineffective. Not to mention, it’s very broad on what could be problematic content. To the point it could lead to some abuse of the bill if not careful.

As for the technical concerns, I can see that they are well founded.

In the regard to the IP blocking. It fails to compensate for the fact that not all IP addresses are static. (Static meaning they stay in one place). But some are in fact dynamic, so they move from one place to another.
So it’s possible that a infringing site may be blocked by its IP address one day. But since it used a dynamic IP. It may switch to another site and/or server the next day. And that site/server may contain stuff that are in no violation what so ever. But because that particular dynamic IP assigned that day was blocked. It would by default block access to that site/server. Causing unfortunate and unnecessary downtime for all effected.

There are other technical problems with this bill too. Which even extends into possible freedom of speech infringements. But I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to talk about those issues. And are most likely better explained elsewhere on the web anyways.

Another part of this bill which I have a problem with. Is the unauthorized medication part. I agree it needs to be address, but not in this bill. This should be its own separate bill. Or linked to a bill that deals with similar medical related issues.

In conclusion, I personally think SOPA is a train wreck waiting to happen. It’s too broad to be effective. It’s riddled with poor, uninformed thinking on how the internet currently works from a technological standpoint. And could inadvertently cause freedom of speech issues in the future.

So I, and the Useless Site of Technology are now officially against bill H.R. 3261 (Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA for short).

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