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The wonders of the Internet

The internet, what a strange place it can be. A 2 year old video on youtube can go from a few a few views, to thousands of views in just a few weeks. Or how a simple inactive site can go from having under 50 daily views on average. To having between 700-900 daily views in little under a week.

That whats been going on here recently…..

I wouldn’t have known that I was getting all these views recently. If it wasn’t for a fact that someone made a comment and I got a email notification of it.

I see all my views are from people who are interested in my Google Chrome review. A review I did back when the browser first came out. A poorly written, and uninformative review at that time. But hey, we all aren’t perfect right?

For those of you that so interested in Chrome right now. Please leave a comment below telling me what you are wanting to know.
Are you want a more up to date review? Are you wanting tech support? (Not sure if I could be much help there, but I’ll try.) Or is it something else related to Google Chrome?
Also, if you are wanting to see more from this site of mine, I’m going to need your guys help. I’m just one individual for now, and have been since the begining. So if there is technology or gaming news you guys want to see here on this site. Please drop me a tip or two at my contact email. And I’ll see what I can do about making a story on it. I might not make a story from every single tip. But it will help me know what kind of stuff you would want to see from this site. Instead of me haphazardly making stories that no one is interested in.

So with that, have a nice day guys!

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