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New OnLive Pay-per-Play Game Service brings in the Future…. Maybe

Well earlier this week at GDC. A new game Service called OnLive brings Cloud-Computing to PC gaming.

OnLive Logo

OnLive Logo

OnLive has been secretly in the works for 7 years and was just announced this year at GDC. And already, a few big name developers have already starting to embrace the new service. The guys at OnLive say that the service will allow any base PC or Mac to play games Crysis and Burnout Paradise at full res. But how can such computers run those games so well? Well the game is run on one of OnLive’s may servers which then streamed to the user PC.  And then the user controls the game from his or hers PC. It’s very confusing to explain with more detail. And for those who want to play the games on the TV. OnLive have also announced the Onlive MircoConsole.

OnLive MicroConsole

OnLive MicroConsole

Just hook your ethernet cable into the MircoConsole and use either MircoConsole Controller. Or use a USB Gamepad or USB Keyboard/Mouse.

OnLive is set for a Winter 09 release. But External Beta will being in the Summer. With registering for the Beta going on right now. I’ve already registered for the Beta so lets hope I get in when the time Comes. I want to see if OnLive really works as they say it does.

OnLive Site:


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