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Homepage Overhaul

I though it was time to change the way the Homepage looked. Because lately, peope have been complaining on the old colors and look. So now the site looks way much more like a tech site. 

More updates to come soon.


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Google Chrome Review


See, Google Chrome has the same color scheme as the Google Homepage

See, Google Chrome has the same color scheme as the Google Homepage

Time for me to review Google Chrome. 


Now from just using it for a few hours. This browser is fast. And I like fast.  And the browers colors do reflect the fact that this is made my Google. And and it features are great. And work they way they should. I tryed and the browser window did not even move. That right there gains respect from me alone. And the comic google made that tells about Chrome was fun to read, yet very informative. Continue reading

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Google releases a Web Browser Today

Well today google releases a open source web browser today called Google Chrome. Which to me is big surprise. And from the looks of it. It’s a very nice browser. So far, the Windows version been released. With the Linux version and Mac OS X coming soon. 

I’ll try to have a review of the browser up either tomorrow or the ay After Tomorrow.  And right now, the download for it are not really responding. I’m guessing it’s being overloaded by the people who really want to try it.

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Movie-trailer voice-over king Don LaFontaine, has died



The face behind many voice overs

The face behind many voice overs

Most of you may not know him by his name. But you all should know him by his voice. For Years, Don LaFontaine has done the voice-overs for many of Hollywoods movie trailers and TV promos. With him gone now. Movies Trailers and TV promos will never be the same again.


He died September 1, 2008 following complications from Pneumothorax. He was 68 years old. May he Rest in Peace.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars review

I said I would review the movie today didn’t I.

Anyways, I was able to go see the movie last Saturday. Thus I shall review it for you guys.

Here’s my thoughts.

For a movie that wasn’t really planned on being made in the first place, It’s great. It can definitely hold it own against it’s live action counter parts. And It fill up some plot holes from what I see. And it also goes through the Back Stories of some of the characters. Continue reading

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Time to get this site rolling again.

I’ve had enough of letting this site set around doing nothing. So I’m going to do something about it.

I’ve got some updates planned for the site. Some of which I really need to do. One of the Updates may include a name change. But for now, a name change is not final.

Also, hopefully some time Around noon. I’ll give my Review of the new Star Wars movie. And Maybe find a some good new, Juicy video game or Tech news for you guys to top it all off.

And I hopefully still have extra something, something in the coming weeks you guys may like.

See you then!

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